Red Sea Diving Holidays

The area known as the Red Sea Riviera consists of the resort cities that lie on the western shore of the gulf of Aqaba and along the eastern coast of mainland Egypt to the south of the gulf of Suez. With thousands of kilometres of shoreline, warm sunny climate, and some of the most amazing marine life in the world this area of the world is internationally known for its outstanding beauty.

Holidays on the Red Sea Riviera have a long established tradition as holidays where you enjoy sunshine, sea and wonderful beaches all year round. The stunning natural beauty of this region makes it a firm favourite amongst many travellers, and there are plenty of resorts to choose from.

Ras Muhammad National Park in the Red Sea Riviera spans an area of 480km2. 135km2 of this is on land including the two islands of Tiran and Sanafir just off the Sinai Peninsula, but the rest is in the Red sea itself. One of the main attractions to people holidaying locally is to enjoy some of the wonderful marine life that can be seen. There are over 250 coral reefs and more than 1000 species of fish that can be seen locally, which makes snorkelling and diving very popular activities hereabouts. Because much of the waters off the coast here are crystal clear, and the sea bed is quite close to the surface, boats with glass viewing panels in their bottom can also let you get a glimpse into the wonderful world of the marine life here letting you see colourful fish such as butterfly fish, threadfins, parrot fish and coral grouper.

Hurghada is a former fishing town which has been transformed into a spectacular holiday resort with 20 kilometres of golden sandy beaches and excellent beachside hotels. Modern and old meet side by side here, and in downtown old Hurghada you can taste a little of traditional Egyptian life while in the more modern area there are plenty of shisha cafes, bars, restaurants and boutiques to enjoy.

Makadi Bay 35km to the south of Hurghada has established itself as one of the best beach resorts in the Red Sea Riviera. It has a real village feel to it and a wonderful laid back atmosphere. Its nightlife is fairly low key though with the focus on daytime activity and night time relaxation.

Sharm el Sheikh at the southern tip of the Sinai peninsula offers a backdrop of mountains to it’s sandy beaches and it’s a haven for people seeking to sun themselves on golden beaches as well as being ideal for exploring some of the best coral reefs in the area.

Where ever you choose to holiday here, there will be plenty to enjoy, both under water and on land. It’s worth remembering though that much of the desert and marine life here is protected by laws so if you’re wanting to head out into desert or sea it’s best to have a local guide with you so that you don’t fall foul of laws you didn’t know existed.